Celebrating more than four decades of service to world language education both within and outside the United States


Distance Learning

InterPrep’s vast experience in curriculum development and instructional design has been tapped for the creation, implementation and dissemination of several distance learning projects focused on foreign languages and international education.  Two of these projects have received multiple Emmy Awards for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of education.


Irasshai is a two year, credit-bearing high school distance learning course in Japanese language and culture produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB).  This Emmy Award winning program is based on engaging video lessons, frequent telephone interaction between students and highly-trained native-speaking teacher assistants, tailor-made print materials, up-to-date culture materials and a dynamic website.  InterPrep led the curriculum development of Irasshai and managed its daily operation for more than 10 years through a contract with GPB.

Designed for elementary school classrooms, this highly successful and widely acclaimed Spanish series, consisting of 42 videos, can be used by teachers who do not speak the language, as well as by elementary school language specialists.  Produced by Georgia Public Broadcasting, this popular series, which received 25 Emmy Awards, also consists of classroom follow-up activities as well as a website designed for students and parents.  InterPrep played a major role in the conceptualization of Salsa and was responsible for development of the Salsa curriculum.



This Georgia Public Broadcasting educational series is a middle school exploratory course in Japanese and can be used by classroom teachers who do not speak the language. Through twelve 30-minute videos and engaging activities appropriate for middle schoolers, students get a taste of Japanese language and culture.  InterPrep managed the development of this educational series.

International Studies: Challenge for the Next Generation

InterPrep collaborated with former US President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalyn Carter to design and produce a four-video high school seminar based on President Carter’s book, International Studies: Challenge for the Next Generation.  The Satellite Educational Resources Consortium (SERC), The Carter Center of Emory University, Georgia Public Television, the Georgia Department of Education and InterPrep formed a team to produce this engaging video series, which brought live student audiences to The Carter Center for national broadcasts and also produced rich follow-up materials that were used in high school classrooms throughout the nation for continued discussions.